Institutional Programs

PROCAD Project

Genre and Sciences: Feminisms, Sexualities and Violences
CAPES – Multidisciplinary Committee
Execution period: 4 years-2008 to 2011-COMPLETED
Support institution:
Federal University of Santa Catarina (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina) 
Center of Philosophy and Humanities
Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Human Sciences 
Concentration Area Gender Studies
General Coordinator of Project – Prof. Dr. Miriam Pillar Grossi 
Local Coordination (PPGNEIM) – Prof. Cecilia Maria Bacelar Sardenberg


This project has as main objective the consolidation of area of gender studies in Brazil, through the articulation between the concentration area of gender studies of the Interdisciplinary Doctorate in Humanities (PPGICH) of UFSC – which works in partnership with the Institute of Gender Studies (IEG) and the Graduate program in Interdisciplinary Studies on Women, Gender and Feminism (PPGEIMGF) of UFBA – linked to interdisciplinary nucleus of women's Studies (NEIM). 
These are two centers of reference in interdisciplinary area of gender studies in Brazil, both by intense research activity of excellence and training that minister at graduate level and by editorial coordination of some of Main publications of the area: Revista Feminist Studies and Bahianas Collection. Both institutions also occupy a central place in articulation of academic, national and international networks, regularly organizing scientific meetings such as doing gender at UFSC and the seminars NEIM and AROUND at UFBA.
This project is inserted in scientific area, internationally recognized as gender studies or feminist theory. The studies produced in this area of knowledge are currently a theoretical reference area in contemporary Social theory. 
The area of gender studies applies an interdisciplinary approach to analyze themes related to the constitution of female and male identities, gender roles, violence in marital and family relations, sexualities and homosexuality. 
This project with an interdisciplinary perspective implies the articulation of analytical cutouts and distinct methodologies from different disciplines in the search for the creation of broader understandings of the themes proposed in this project, the Knowledge, the construction of scientific knowledge from the perspective of gender, feminisms, sexualities and violences. The recurrence of an extensive range of disciplines (anthropology, history, political science, literature, psychoanalysis, sociology, law, health, arts, Cinema, etc.) is an imperative for understanding the cultural and historical constitution of relations between men and Women in different societies and this is why the area of gender studies is an interdisciplinary area par excellence.


General Objective:

Consolidate the multidisciplinary area of gender studies in Brazil, around the expansion of research on Science, Feminisms, Sexualities and Violence.

Specific objectives:

  • Contribute to the consolidation of knowledge about women and gender relations. 
    Increase the number of undergraduate and graduate students with researches directed to gender studies in Brazil.
    Allow the circulation of professors and students among the institutions involved in the project, seeking to expand and strengthen the network of researchers in the area of gender studies in Brazil.
    Theoretically densify the area of gender studies, through joint seminars and participation of professors and students in the regular activities of the two programs.
    Allow the circulation of international bibliography and expansion of Latin American, European and North American networks of which members of the two participating programmes are already part.
    To produce theses, dissertations and completion of course papers on the themes of science, feminisms, sexualities and violence.
    To broaden comparative research based on the documentation on the project themes in the document centers of the two research centers involved.
    Consolidate research in development in these two graduate programs, particularly around the themes of the production of Science, feminisms, sexualities and violences;
    Contribute to the improvement of graduate and undergraduate education in two regions of the country: Northeast and South.
    Identification of the lines of action

The project will act on following lines:

Gender and Sciences: Interdisciplinary Studies of Discourses, historical, social and culturally constituted, about sexual differences – gender studies.
Feminisms: Power, political organizations, social movements, ONGs.
Sexualities: Homosexuality, heterosexualities, subjectivity health conjugality, reproductive rights, new reproductive technologies, abortion.
Domestic, marital, sexual, generational, ethnic violence in period of the military dictatorship.
Participating Professors:


  • Luzinete Minella
  • Miriam Grossi
  • Carmen Rial
  • Joana Maria Pedro 
  • Mara Lago
  • Cristina Wolff


  • Cecilia Maria Sardenberg
  • Ana Alice Alcantara Costa
  • Ivia Iracema Alves
  • Lindinalva Rubin
  • Silvia Lucia Ferreira